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Just some of

When we find other people who have made works inspired by or based on Sullivan Ballou's letter, we'll list it here.
  • Here's a portion of an email we received. They used this site to help research the play. "The reason I'm sending this message is to let you know about a production that may be of interest to you. Called "Manassas! A Civil War Christmas," it is an entirely new and original production that uses historical events from the First Battle of Manassas to weave an intriguing and unusual Christmas story that is both humorous and poignant. The show will be performed in the new Cramer Hall (a former church) in downtown Manassas at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Nov. 27, Dec. 4 & 5 and 11 & 12 and Sundays, Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 & 13 at 2 p.m. More information about the show can be found at our website at or by calling our office at 703-257-6572. Tickets can be ordered through Protix at 800-955-5566."

  • Aug. 1998. A&E's sister channel, Romance Classics, is considering featuring the Sullivan Ballou Film Project in a documentary they're doing. I'll let you know if they decide to to it.

  • Dwight Hwang is a student at the California Institute of the Arts (Department of Character Animation) who's student animated film uses narration of Sullivan Ballou's letter. It was lauded as one of the best films of the year from that department, and was entered into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Student Awards.

  • Susan Besze Wallace used the version of the letter found through the Rhode Island Historical Society in her Summit Publishing book, Love and War: 250 Years of Wartime Love Letters. We here at the SBFP are working on getting a copy to review.